Use the floor lamps for your own advertising or let it as advertising space. ChangeLights always create a high level of attention at the POS. The pleasant light and the 360-degree view draw attention and thus facilitate the ideal personal approach.

Your advertising becomes highly flexible and can be placed where it is needed: next to shelves, telecommunication systems, campaigns, check stands, or in entrance areas.

Letting out advertising space can generate enormous additional revenues. For vendors, this is a top opportunity to point out their products in a classy way.


ChangeLights are of solid design: A rollable base ensures the lampstands most securely. Integrated castors with brakes facilitate relocation.
Being made from aluminum, the lamp body is extremely lightweight. By adding or removing tubular elements, the lamp’s height can be adjusted. By standard, the lamp is up to three metres high. The energy efficiency of the ChangeLights’ LEDs is outstanding and corresponds to the state-of-the-art. In accordance with the DIN standard, all components are flame-resistant. The lamp’s stand is disassembled when delivered and only has to be plugged together. The luminaire head is to be plugged on and the cable must be pushed through the tube” – that’s all!